Advertising Solutions

Modern technologies have revolutionized advertising. Online or digital advertising provides new ways and new levels of personalization. Sigma Software has produced a number of digital advertising solutions to face new advertising horizons and help advertisers reach a valuable audience.


Find Comprehensive Expertise to Implement Your Idea

Sigma Software has a unique expertise in the online advertising area as well as related fields, such as business intelligence, media management and broadcasting. We have developed dozens of advertising solutions and have skills and experience to embody even the most novel and knowledge intensive ideas into high-performance tools. 
  • Audience models
  • Campaign control
  • Real-time bidding
  • Reporting
  • Integration with 3rd party tracking

Show Your Advertisers a Miracle

We will help you to present advertisers with capabilities of display campaigns and underlying analytics to reach their high-value audience in real-time. On the management side, campaign management productivity can be boosted by overall monitoring, customization options, rich ad creation tools, and much more.

Achieve Full Transparency and Visibility

Sigma experts have vast experience in integrating of all advertising systems in one solution. Complete systems’ integration results in facilitated data access and consolidated reporting. Comprehensive analytics based on consolidated reporting grants full transparency and visibility for advertisers.

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