Embedded and Mobile

As the world continues to grow more mobile we believe that it’s time to reconsider the entire approach to mobile and embedded systems. Applications should not only be available at the touch of a finger, but also be responsive and truly user-oriented.

Sigma Software has unrivaled experience in developing and porting applications and games for a wide range of embedded devices. We can start with the original idea or come on board at any stage. With our top-notch experts, your product will be taken care of from concept inception all the way to the mobile device. Every time we deliver an application, we ensure its market value, as well as look and feel are still up-to-date — just as expected by users. Functional testing is always carried out on the devices the applications are designed for. Sigma Software is also responsible for getting the product online to the relevant marketplace such as App Store or Android Market. 

  • iOS;
  • Android apps development;
  • Windows Phone 7 — this includes a wide range of Windows mobile solutions;
  • BlackBerry;
  • PalmOS, J2ME, Symbian and more.

We go full cycle, including wire-frame creation, graphic asset development, programming, testing and deployment. We give users an immersive mobile experience no matter what device they prefer.

The possibilities and opportunities are unlimited — and so are the challenges. What people create for the desktop today is most likely to be viewed on tablets or smartphones. That is why we believe the applications should adjust to the device they are viewed on and adapt to the screen, not only by changing the dimensions of the content, but by replacing and reorganizing the whole layout.

Taking responsibility for the entire process, we involve our customers in it, allowing them control over every step. Sigma Software has expert knowledge in different network protocols:

  • QNET, IP, GPRS, TCP, UDP, PPP/PPTP tunneling, GSM voice, 

as well as in controller programming:

  • x86, ARM.
Sigma Software has a solid technical base and is able to create cutting edge design.
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Selected Projects

Rhomobile photonotes application
Customer: under NDA
Industry: Internet Startup
Solution Type: Cross-platform mobile application
Technologies: RhoMobile Suite, Ruby, HTML5, jQuery Mobile

The RhoMobile Suite (formerly known as Rhodes Framework) is an open-source framework developed by Motorola and now owned by Motorola Solutions for building native applications that can run on a variety of devices. With RhoMobile Suite, comprised of RhoElements, Rhodes, RhoConnect, RhoStudio, RhoHub and RhoGallery, device type, operating system and screen size don't matter. RhoMobile Suite applications simply work on whatever mobile devices are in use and you have complete control over how applications behave on different devices.

PhotoNotes is a mobile application that is built using the RhoMobile Suite.
The mobile application is designed to collect photos and organize them in separate notes. Every note can have multiple photos along with text description and location details. Location is determined automatically using GPS coordinates and Google web services.
Thanks to RhoMobile Suite, the same application code base can be built and run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

This application was presented to the RhoMobile developer community along with Visual Studio Plugin during AppForum 2013 (http://www.motorolasolutionsevents.com/appforum_2013/).

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Embedded Solution for Vehicle Tracking
Customer: ENAiKOON GmbH
Industry: Industrial automation
Solution type: Display for Vehicle Tracking System
Technologies: C/C++, RS232, ENAiKOON locate-29, NAVMAN MDT850, TOMTOM GO

ENAiKOON GmbH delivers microcomputer-based products to the market. These products work with mobile technology (with satellite tracking) and provide excellent solutions in the area of surveillance, remote control, remote metering and tracking of vehicles, persons or goods.

The customer required applications development for one of its new solutions. Sigma Software assigned a development team that fit the customer’s requirements. The project objective was the development of embedded applications on C and C++ for devices specified by the customer — Mobile Data Terminal ENAIKOON display-56 (MDT850, www.navman.com) and ENAiKOON v-locator-work (TOMTOM GO, www.tomtom.com). The solution is designed to track vehicles. This fleet management system is suitable both for corporate and individual users.

Sigma Software introduced a solution which ensured proper communication between drivers that use both display-56 and v-locator-work modules, and the dispatcher. Software development and testing were 100% offsite and managed by the Sigma Software Project Manager. Development of this embedded application was successfully accomplished and now applications developed work in the vehicle tracking system of the customer.

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Mobile Finance Information Portal — Qwatcher
Solution type: Mobile Finance Information Portal
Technologies: Spring MVC (Java), MySQL, JSP, JavaScript, Linux (Windows)

Qwatcher is formed from the words "quote watcher," which reflects the main idea of the service — an overview of quotations. Qwatcher was inspired by an iPhone application but fits any mobile phone which can display Internet pages.

Product Description
Qwatcher is a web/wap application which gives users information about current quotations on investment instruments free of charge.
The application is designed for businessmen for whom it is important to have prompt and convenient access to their financial investments for analysis and review. The data is displayed on a web page where users can add investment instruments they are interested in, view current quotations, quotations change diagrams, etc.
The system’s flexibility allows for individual tuning, making the process of market analysis as easy and effective as possible — right from the screen of the mobile phone, from any spot on the globe.
The current version of Qwatcher gives the following quotation at the user's choice:

  • Investment funds of Ukraine;
  • World fund indexes;
  • Ukrainian fund indexes;
  • FOREX currency pairs;
  • UAH currency exchange rates and official (NBU) rates.

Sigma Software developed the application from scratch and is currently engaged in support.

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User Interface Builder for Wide Range of Mobile Phones
Customer: UK company
Industry: Mobile communications, embedded software
Solution Type: UI for mobile phones and handsets
Technologies: C, (C++ for smart devices), Java (former Borland JBuilder, future Eclipse IDE), C#, Symbian, WinCE

One of the largest companies in the UK offering services for telecommunications, the customer selected Sigma Software to develop UI (User Interface) Builder for mobile phones and other handsets. The primary consumers of this toolkit are network operators and handset manufacturers.

Developed by the Sigma Software team, UI Builder includes both an embedded run time component and a desktop toolkit for creating and editing User Interfaces for mobile phones. The Toolkit is used to create a set of customized User Interface properties that can be transferred to the phone (handset) of a mobile subscriber via cable, GSM, GPRS or other supported data link.

Thus network operators gained the ability to allow customization for individual clients / groups of clients and easy update of the handset UI functionality post sale. Handset manufacturers achieved significant cost and time savings in UI development, decreased rework / retest costs, shorter time to market and differentiation from competitors.

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Ringorang Development
Customer: Vergence Entertainment LLC
Industry: Entertainment
Solution type: Online Game Development
Technologies: AIR, Flex, Google Guice, Freemaker, Hibernate; Unit testing including JUnit, HtmlUnit

Vergence Entertainment LLC is an entertainment and technology company, which was founded for the purpose of developing and marketing original, multi-media entertainment and technology properties.
JLOOP is a full-service, rich media development firm based in Long Beach, California, which leverages the Internet as a platform for business success. Through fresh thinking and purpose-driven innovation, the company creates robust, user-friendly interfaces that enrich the user experience in a myriad of ways.

A project team was assigned to customize the customer`s gaming platform and develop custom features to launch an online game.

The request contained many changes:

  •   The Java-written game server was integrated with a group of sites written in PHP;
  •   AIR client logic was enhanced significantly;
  •   Load testing of the game server was performed;
  •   A large number of logic changes were implemented.

Because of its scope, the project utilized a very broad range of technologies (the resulting product uses Java, Adobe AIR and PHP). All changes had to be completed within a very short timeframe, so the work was really intensive. The team demonstrated excellent interaction skills and the ability to work together efficiently.

The Sigma Software offsite project team, in cooperation with JLOOP, successfully performed consulting, documentation development, software development, and testing, winning the trust of the client.

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Solution for embedding commercials and advertising network development
Customer: Loop Analytics LLC
Industry: Mobile
Solution type: Solution for embedding commercials and advertising network development
Technologies: ASP.NET, .NET, MS SQL Server 2008

Loop Analytics is one of the most innovative analytics and mobile advertising networks, offering solutions for discovery, branding and monetization on the mobile web. As mobile becomes the in-hand digital content device of the global consumer, the Loop Analytics platform ensures a cross-platform solution exists for measuring engagement, efficacy and performance for any mobile application. We performed code review and refactoring and implemented new features for Loop Analytics Dashboard and Ad Fetching Service.

Loop Analytics network connects mobile applications developers with advertising publishers and provides mobile applications developers with an effective and easy-to-use solution for embedding commercials in their applications. Sigma Software developed Loop Analytics SDK for Android and BlackBerry platforms, and performed refactoring of the iPhone platform. These SDKs allow the inclusion of different kinds of advertisement, process payments and statistics in third-party applications.

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StandardLink: Software Tools for Distributed and Real Time Capable Systems
Customer: Consulting company in the industrial automation systems industry
Industry: Aerospace, Industrial Automation
Solution type: SDK and supporting tools for SCADA-like systems development
Technologies: C++, TCP/IP programming, Qt Library, Support of Windows, Linux and QNX operating systems

The customer is a consulting company that provides services in the industrial automation systems industry. Sigma Software was assigned to create a new real time, embedded, highly-reliable solution for industrial automation and distributed system simulations.

The appointed offsite development team carried out research and development, support and maintenance services. After a deep investigation phase and completion of development, the brand new middleware product was released and called StandardLink.

StandardLink is a middleware that reduces the amount of effort and technological risks involved in prototyping, implementation and exploitation of complex, high-performance distributed computing systems. It is a software kit (SDK) and software tools that permit rapid prototyping, easy implementation, configuration, operating, and maintenance of portable real-time-capable distributed computing systems. The product can be deployed on an arbitrary combination of supported platforms: Windows family, Linux, and QNX, including embedded versions. Application programming interfaces are available for native C++ and .NET as well as for generated C code from MATLAB®/SIMULINK®.

The most important features of the system are:

  • A wide number of supported platforms;
  • Low response time and low performance and memory overhead;
  • Simple, intuitive object-oriented API’s for the development of distributed business logic;
  • The developer is freed from the issues of distributed computing and database management and can concentrate on customer-specific business logic;
  • Minimal interdependency between customer-specific components and between development groups;
  • Efficient error localization and diagnostics;

Software development was 100% offsite and managed by the Sigma Software Project Manager. The project team is continually delivers evolutionary versions of the software modules and maintains the versions in production, providing a stable and cost-effective extension of the customer’s software engineering organization.

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