Eclipse Time Server

Eclipse Time Server (ETS) is an efficient and flexible time and effort tracking tool which allows tracing, billing and analyzing time spent on each task, performed by the employees within the scope of a project.

Precise effort tracking is essential for almost every consultancy. ETS is a robust solution, giving the opportunity to manage resource load, access project spent hours and statuses, plan team vacations and even bill customers. The solution offers a rich time tracking functionality covering:

  • Adding and managing projects options;
  • Adding people and their load to the project options;
  • Accepting or rejecting reported efforts options;
  • Ability to accept efforts as billable or non-billable;
  • Vacation management functionality;
  • Project efforts management functionality;
  • Ability to integrate status (or other) reports.

In addition to standard effort tracking functionality, ETS also offers several BI elements for advanced analysis of corporate performance in various ways including:

  • Employee’s performance analysis;
  • Project performance analysis;
  • Company performance analysis;
  • Utilization analysis;
  • Cost center views;
  • Project Management;
  • Workload Planning.

ETS is user-friendly. It is very important for a time-tracking system to be user-friendly since if it is not, users will either spend too much time tracking efforts or simply avoid doing it at all. ETS offers an intuitive user-friendly interface and transparent time tracking processes thus enabling users to track time easily and concentrate on value-adding activities.

ETS is accurate. It is very important to be confident that time is reported exactly as worked. In ETS time entries are clearly identified and can be easily amended in case of oversights. The solution also offers clear identification of time overlaps thus enhancing the effort tracking accuracy.

ETS is flexible. Effort tracking is a very dynamic process. Projects change, users shift from one project to another, billable and non-billable tasks change and it all needs to be handled within the same system. ETS offers easy processes for adding users and projects, moving employees from one project to another, establishing billable and non-billable tasks making time reporting flexible and easy to manage.

Deploying ETS in a company enhances effort tracking efficiency and considerably simplifies the process making it transparent and easy to monitor and control.

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